Cherry Bakewell Fudge

How we’ve improved our Cherry Bakewell Fudge

4th October 2016
Cherry Bakewell Fudge

Cherry Bakewell FudgeThis year in our Roly’s Fudge Pantries we’ve been working on our Cherry Bakewell Fudge recipe to make it more tasty and natural than ever, using traditional methods and the finest quality ingredients.

A traditional favourite over the years

Our Cherry Bakewell Fudge has always been a traditional fudge favourite at Roly’s Fudge. It’s been one of our enduring fudge favourites over the years, alongside some of our other popular sweet dessert flavours such as Lemon Meringue Fudge and Butterscotch Fudge.

This flavour has always been very popular. Only last year, we won a Gold Taste of the West award for the original recipe!

But it’s important for us to stick to our roots as an authentic and artisan fudge pantry, dedicated to making fudge in full view of our customers using traditional ingredients and methods. Therefore we’ve remade Cherry Bakewell so it’s more natural and delicious than ever before.

We’ve been working hard this year to improve the ingredients in this fudge flavour, using only the finest of natural ingredients with no added preservatives or colourings. 

Improved using natural ingredients

Therefore, we’re saying goodbye to glace cherries and the preservatives and colourings within this fudge flavour, and hello instead to real cherries and the very best of 100% cherry juice

Using our Roly’s secret methods, we cook this flavour and introduce the cherries and cherry juice into the mixture during the cooking process, and then pour this flavour out onto the marble slab.

This artisan fudge is enhanced with just a touch of natural almond essence to bring out the almondy taste of the fudge, before we roll it into its characteristic ‘baguette shape’.

It’s taken some real work and dedication over this summer to get this flavour tasting better than ever. We’ve had lots of help from many of our stores including Roly’s Fudge Dartmouth.

With real cherries now being used, this fudge flavour is juicier than ever, and still the same melt in your mouth crumbliness that is loved in all our Roly’s Fudge Pantries.

Read more on why it’s time to say goodbye to glace cherries, written by one of our Roly’s Fudge Pantries themselves based in the town of Bakewell >>

Roly’s Fudge will be rolling out our all new and revamped Cherry Bakewell Fudge across our fudge pantries in the coming months. You should also notice real cherries in your Christmas Pudding Fudge – coming soon Winter 2016!


Cherry Bakewell Fudge

Cooking in the pot – here’s our Cherry Bakewell Fudge being made in Roly’s Fudge Dartmouth