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Two Roly’s Fudge flavours selected as Finalists in Taste of the West Awards

1st September 2017

Taste of the West FinalistExciting news! Two of our fudge flavours, Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge and Vanilla Clotted Cream Fudge, have been selected by Taste of the West judges as two finalists in the Confectionery class for 2017.

After Roly’s Fudge winning four Gold Taste of the West awards this summer, the Taste of the West judges arranged a final round of judging for all food and drink products to select the top scoring Golds. Three Gold award winners in each class were chosen as Finalists. This is followed in September by the selection of the Champion in the class and ultimately the 2017 Supreme Champion across the Taste of the West Awards.

The Champion for each class will be selected at a special awards ceremony in mid September.

It is a real honour to not only be a finalist with one fudge flavour, but with two! Especially as these are two flavours that have made their mark in the history of Roly’s Fudge: Vanilla Clotted Cream Fudge is our best seller since Roly’s Fudge began more than 30 years ago in a traditional farmhouse cottage in Devon; Salted Maple and Pecan Fudge was introduced in 2015 but has since gone on to become one of our top bestsellers in our Roly’s Fudge Pantries and online.

Roly’s Fudge has entered the Taste of the West Awards since 2009 and has won 14 awards during that time. Find out more about our awards