Fudge boxes

What do you get?

With the Fudge Club Special box, you can receive the best of Roly’s, every month. We’ll post you a small, medium or large box of a mix of our favourites and seasonal flavours every month. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months. With 300g you’ll get one flavour, 600g you’ll get two flavours, and so on right up to our 1.5kg selection of five flavours.

Ordering for a special occasion? Get in touch with us on mail@rolysfudge.co.uk if you have any bespoke requests (e.g. if you would like it to arrive closer to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, or if you’d like an alternative address for the first order).

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... Plus you'll be a Roly's Fudge Club member

Any purchasers (or the gift recipient if they prefer) will become a Roly’s Fudge Platinum Fan. You’ll be part of the exclusive Fudge Club mailing list, receiving unique discounts and competitions. What’s more, you’ll be occasionally invited to be a Roly’s Fudge taster of new online products & services.