Fudge boxes

Christmas FAQs

Will my fudge stay fresh until Christmas? What is the expiry date?

All fudge ordered October 1st or after will be dated until January or February of the year after.

We would recommend ordering as early as possible. Please refer to our dedicated Christmas page for more information.

When should I order my fudge for Christmas?

Please order early to avoid disappointment.

We would recommend you check our dedicated Christmas page for more information. We also have last Christmas delivery dates.

What are my gift wrap options?

For 300g and 600g fudge flavours: You may purchase your fudge unwrapped (in a box only). For Vanilla Clotted Cream, Sea Salt and Assorted 5 Favourites, our most popular options, these come with a sleeve so that you can wrap it yourself.

If it’s 900g or 1.5kg it will come in a luxury black and gold box as shown on the page.

If you add a Christmas message, we can send a Christmas message card, and you can also choose a ‘Happy Christmas’ sticker.

General Questions

When should I order my fudge [… for Christmas/Easter/Mother’s Day/etc.] for maximum freshness?

In order to ensure your fudge arrives on time, please give yourself plenty of time to order – see the Delivery page for more information.

As the fudge stays fresh for at least 2 months, you can order anytime in this time period, but we would normally recommend ordering up to 2-4 weeks before you need your fudge for maximum taste and quality.

Fudge Questions:

How should I store my newly purchased Roly’s fudge?

Roly’s Fudge is made freshly every day in small batches to ensure maximum taste . It does not need to be kept refrigerated (fudge doesn’t like to be cold!). If the fudge is kept at home in sealed containers it will last for at least 2 months (self control permitting!).

Is your fudge vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?

All of our fudge flavours are vegetarian suitable. Please visit our allergens page for more information on other questions.


What is the texture of your fudge?

Our handmade artisan fudge is a crumbly fudge, as opposed to being waxy or soft like many other fudges.  Everything is handmade in a very traditional way, with layers being folded into the fudge as it cools on marble.  This gives for a unique crumbly texture, which is entirely intentional and which our customers come back to purchase time and time again.

I have an issue with my fudge. What do I do?

  • If there are any quality issues with your product, please contact us.
  • If it’s from the online business, we will ask you to retain the box and the fudge as best as possible and send this back to us, and will refund the costs of resending this product back to us where appropriate. We may also ask for visual proof of damage or quality issues where appropriate. We appreciate your understanding on the fact that we are unable to investigate, refund or replace a product that has been fully eaten or disposed of.
  • If it’s from a shop: Please note the same terms apply to a Roly’s Fudge Pantry – it is very difficult for us to investigate an issue if the fudge or package has already been eaten or thrown away! Please contact them through the Store locator page.

Ordering and Website Questions

Help – the website isn’t working!

If you experience any problems with our new website, we would be grateful if you could send us a full report of the problem on the form on the Contact Us page, including on which page there is a problem (including an URL) and what issues you are experiencing. If the form is not working, please contact us at mail@rolysfudge.co.uk

Where is my parcel?

Please refer to the Delivery page for more information. If your order is going to somewhere in the UK, we have a Track and Trace system where you can check where your fudge is using your delivery code on the Royal Mail website. If you haven’t received this code, please let us know and we will send it out to you.

What is the Assorted Fudge selection?

Our Roly’s Assorted Fudge Boxes are a popular choice as a gift or if you don’t know which of our delicious flavours to sample!

We offer 300g, 600g and 1.5kg containing the 5 traditional favourites in the same bag – Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Rum ‘n’ Raisin, and Maple and Walnut.

The 1.5kg also contains our 5 traditional favourites, all wrapped individually.

Please note: The 1kg and 1.5kg sizes no longer contain a mixture of 10 flavours. This is because of infrequent reports that after a few weeks, the flavours can at times taint each other and not retain their own full flavours. To retain our best before date of at least 2 months, we have decided to keep the 300g and 600g wrapped as assorted selections as we always have, to phase out the 1kg box, and to change the 1.5kg box to a five flavour box that is individually wrapped.

Can I specify a delivery date?

Unfortunately not, as we cannot guarantee what date your parcel will be delivered (please see ‘Where is my parcel?’).

However, if you select the Special Delivery option at checkout, you can get your fudge guaranteed delivery for the day after next. See the Delivery page for more details on how this works.

Can I have boxes with different flavours than those listed?

Yes. Place an order for a box of any type. Then you can clearly list in the ‘How did you find out about Roly’s Fudge?’ box on checkout the flavours you’d like to replace your order with. If you’re ordering more than one box in an order, please be clear on which box you’d like to replace the flavours!

International Questions

Can you ship internationally?

Roly’s Fudge can be shipped to anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions where confectionery is limited. Please see the Delivery page for more information.

Can I take my fudge on a plane / to the EU?

Yes. The EU regulations say that you may take fudge to the EU provided it is confectionery that is less than 50% dairy (external link). We can confirm our fudge is made of less than 50% dairy products.

For other countries, please check their particular rules and let us know if you have any questions on mail [at] rolysfudge.co.uk.

Franchise Questions:

Do I need any retail experience to run a Roly’s Fudge franchise?

No retail experience is necessary – only enthusiasm! Please contact us on our Franchise portal for more information.

Wedding Favour Questions:

How much notice do I need to give before ordering my wedding favours?

The more notice you give, the better, in order to complete your order in plenty of time. A notice in advance will give us time to organise a date to make the batches of fudge necessary for your order. Specialised orders such as fudge hearts need at least four weeks notice, as these require more preparation.