Fudge boxes

 Last Recommended Christmas Delivery Dates

Tuesday 15 December 2020 by 9pm (using our free postage system)*

Using ‘Special Delivery’ Postage (+£6.50):

Please order before Tuesday 22 December 5pm**

Orders placed by Tuesday 22 December 5 pm will be dispatched Wednesday 23 December.

There is a 93% chance it will arrive Thursday 24 December (according to Royal Mail)




*Any orders placed from the morning of Wednesday 16 December onwards will fall outside of Royal Mail’s recommended postal dates. Orders placed by 9pm 15 December will be sent out between Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th December (Friday 18 is the final posting date for our free Royal Mail postage service). Orders placed Wed 16 December onwards will still be dispatched as soon as possible, but we can’t advise on whether this parcel will arrive with you before or after Christmas Day.


**Will be sent out on Monday 23 December on Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed


Missed the last delivery dates?

We have vouchers available for you to print from home or send by email >>

International – Last Recommended Christmas Delivery Dates

For international deliveries, click here to see your latest recommended delivery date according to the country to which you are sending Roly’s Fudge. Please note that we always recommend you place your delivery as early as possible (preferably mid November) for international parcels as Royal Mail can get really busy when delivering both within and outside of Europe.





‘When should I order my Roly’s Fudge so it arrives in the best quality and in time for Christmas?’

All our fudge boxes and fudge sauce have, as of late October, a best before date of 2021.

That means our fudge will stay fresh until Christmas. We recommend to place your order early so it arrives with you in plenty of time.



Every December, thousands more parcels are sent on Royal Mail than normal. Please bear this in mind and order in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Our recommendation to avoid disappointment is to place your order as soon as possible – by the 10th December if you can!

If your parcel is particularly urgent then please consider using the ‘Special Delivery service’ for an additional £6.50 (available as you checkout online or order by phone).


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