Welcome to Roly’s Fudge Pantry!

Roly’s Fudge offers the best crumbly fudge you’ll ever find. Originating from Devon in the West Country over twenty-six years ago, we now have 23 shops across the UK and Ireland. All of our shops use traditional recipes to make fresh fudge every day, handmade in full view for you to see.

Roly’s started in 1987 when the founders decided to make homemade fudge in their farmhouse cottage kitchen. They decided to use natural ingredients whenever possible, and that it should be made with only traditional methods. Using a large copper cauldron obtained from a Devon antique shop, they followed an old family recipe to make the first batch of traditional vanilla clotted cream, using lashings of Devon butter.

Buy Handmade Fudge from our Fudge Shop

Roly’s gift wrapped fudge is the perfect present for all ages and all celebrations, including birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. You can buy our fudge online from only £10.95 per box. And no nasty shocks when you get to the checkout – all of our prices are inclusive of VAT and shipping within the UK.

Try our Vanilla Clotted Cream, Chocolate or Rum ‘n’ Raisin to try some of our traditional favourites. For something a little more modern, try our quirky Lemon Meringue, or the very popular Sea Salt.

Open your very own Roly’s Pantry

In the past three years, we’ve introduced eight new shops across the UK. Join the Roly’s family and find out more about our franchise opportunities.

How to make fudge...

  • Step one of our fudge making

    Step 1

    The fudge is cooked in our traditional copper pans in full view of our customers, using natural ingredients.
  • Step two - Pouring fudge on our marble table

    Step 2

    It is then poured out onto our solid marble slabs whilst still hot, where it cools quickly.  
  • Step 3 - Turning the fudge

    Step 3

    After stirring with a paddle we carefully form it into a baguette shape.
  • Step 4 - Cutting the fudge

    Step 4

    As it begins to set into shape, we slice the baguette into large slabs.  
  • Making our fudge

    Step 5

    Once it cools into its characteristically crumbly texture, we cut it into pieces.  
  • Making our fudge - step 6

    Step 6

    It’s ready to eat! As we can cook up to several batches every day, it will always be fresh.