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My family and I have holidayed in Devon for many years and the highlight has always been a visit to one of your shops for our annual fix of your delicious fudge. The kids always try all flavours but my favourite has always been the traditional vanilla. Many thanks for years of scrumminess, I look forward to many more! Fiona

While on holiday in Devon last July I passed the shop and the smell of the fudge being made drew me inside – absolutely delicious. Bought some to eat while strolling around and a box to take home, but couldn’t resist and had to open it and ate that too, so never managed to take any home. Have ordered by phone and online so am well and truly hooked on the Vanilla. Too delicious for words! Sandra

Yesterday I happened upon Roly’s by chance … well I have to say that just by the smell itself when I walked into the shop I thought I’d died & gone to heaven. The choice of fudges was just too much for me & I ended up buying enough fudge to feed a small herd of elephants … but in reality it is was only for me & my family, however once I tried a piece of it whilst taking my first ever steam train ride I have decided it is too good for me to share & will be eating it all myself! Will most certainly be ordering from this website once i have eaten all the fudge I brought yesterday! I could see me going from a size 10 to a size 20 in no time if i lived near this shop! 10 out of 10 from me! Louise

Received my order 2 days after I placed it. It tasted as good as ever! I know my mum will enjoy hers that I brought her for Mother’s Day as well. I just have to resist the temptation to eat it myself. Roly’s Fudge – Not probably the best fudge you will ever taste, Most definitely the most amazing fudge you’ll ever taste! Vikki

Every time we pop into town it’s very difficult for us not to buy any, as for the butterscotch it is just soooooooooo delicious.  I just also need to say at christmas they made a christmas pudding one which was to die for. It was just like eating christmas pudding!  So I just want to say a huge thank you to Roly’s for a fabulous taste sensation. Emma

I went into hotel chocolate asking about fudge for my dad as he loves chocolate fudge! The lady behind the counter mentioned a tiny fudge shop in the lanes called Roly’s Fudge. She said you will know when you get to it because you can smell it as you walk past. I can honestly say it is the most amazing taste sensation and the whole family is now utterly addicted and in love with Roly’s Fudge! Thank You. Heather