Welcome to our brand new shop, Roly’s Fudge Canterbury! The shop opened in November 2019 in Mercery Lane, a stone’s throw away from the heart of Canterbury and its beautiful cathedral.

Mary, Steve and Nina have been looking for years for their very own fudge pantry, a journey that has taken them across the UK…

“Steve and I first discovered Roly’s fudge during a holiday to Salcombe about 7 years ago,” says Mary.
“Since then (much to the mystification of our daughter Nina) we have been obsessed with the idea of running our own shop, and buying bagfuls of our favourite treat at every opportunity.

“Nina said she “didn’t like fudge” until we took her to the Arundel Roly’s and she actually tried some “proper” fudge. From that moment, all three of us were hooked and Nina was now 100 % on board with our dream of being Roly’s franchisees.
“It took us a long time to find the right location and make the difficult decision to give up our jobs, move away from our family and friends in Hampshire and setup our shop in the centre of Canterbury near the famous cathedral gates.
“All three of us have well and truly stepped out of our comfort zone with this new venture but we know that together, as a family, we can make it work and forge ourselves a fun and successful career in “fudging”.”


Opening hours

11am – 4pm SUN, MON, TUES
11am – 5pm THURS, FRI, SAT

10 Mercery Lane Canterbury CT1 2JJ