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The Best Places to Visit After a Trip to Roly’s Fudge – Salcombe, Totnes, St Ives and Plymouth

17th May 2019
Local Shops


Our Roly’s Fudge pantries can be found in 42 different locations across the UK. Every one of our stores are owned and run by independent business owners, so each one has their own unique look and feel.

Our fudge is crafted in full view of customers every day and we pride ourselves on our use of locally sourced ingredients. As a family-owned business, community is a huge part on what makes us so successful – we have great partnerships with other shops in our local towns, so if you’re looking for some local recommendations, look no further!


Delphini’s Gelato, Totnes

What goes perfectly with fudge? Ice-cream! Delphini’s Gelato in Totnes is an independent gelateria specialising in home-made, Italian style gelato and hot-chocolates. Not only that, but like our fudge it also comes in vegan form! They have just released their famous Sicilian Pistachio ice-cream in a new dairy-free version and we can’t wait to try it! So, if you’re vegan, or just love ice-cream, why not stop off here? You can find them on Facebook for regular updates too. We hope to collaborate with Delphini’s even more soon – they’ve already used our fudge crumbs before to create new ice-cream flavours, so watch this space!


Delphini's Gelato

Delphini’s Gelato

Johns The Liquor Cellar, St Ives

St Ives is the perfect place to enjoy some of our lovely fudge. We can’t help you if you’re thirsty – but a place that can is Johns in the centre of St Ives. It is an old shop with bags of character and has been open since 1894. In fact, it is so good that we have used one of their delicious hoppy ales, ‘Hops ‘n’ Honey’, in our Real Ale fudge. It’s loved by dedicated drinkers too, especially among Cornwall’s shanty singers, so we are sure you’ll love it too! You can visit their website here


Our Real Ale Fudge, St Ives

Our Real Ale Fudge, St Ives

Salcombe Gin, Salcombe

We’ve already raved about Salcombe as one of our favourite places to visit, but you have to visit Salcombe Dairy on a trip to our fudge pantry there – they’ve won over 60 awards for their ice cream! Together we make a Roly’s Fudge exclusive ice cream, made from a combination of their award-winning ice cream and our Sea Salt Fudge.

Ice cream not quite your thing? Then maybe a cheeky G&T will be more up your street. Luckily, Salcombe is renowned for its Salcombe Gin. And it’s steadily becoming well known for its ‘Salcombe Gin Fudge’ as well!

We think Roly’s Fudge Salcombe is one of our only fudge pantries where their most popular flavour isn’t the traditional Vanilla Clotted Cream, but Salcombe Gin Fudge. It must be good! Pop in, try a taster of Salcombe Gin Fudge, and then visit them directly at The Boathouse in Salcombe.


Salcombe Dairy

Salcombe Dairy

The Black Friars Distillery, Plymouth

Speaking about gin… The Black Friars Distillery in Plymouth produces one of a handful of commercially available sloe gins today.

At our Plymouth pantry, we use it in our Sloe Gin and Berries fudge – one of our most popular fudge flavours.

If trying our fudge doesn’t quite satisfy your sloe gin desires, you can visit the distillery and take a tour (book here), as well as partaking in a tutored tasting of their Plymouth Sloe Gin. Yum!


Plymouth Gin, Black Friars Distillery

Plymouth Gin Black Friars Distillery




These are just a few of our favourite shops to visit that are close to our pantries…but where are yours?

Let us know if you’ve tried any of the collaborations we’ve mentioned, or if there are any more you’d like to see! If you can’t make it to visit your local pantry, you can buy our fudge online at rolysfudge.co.uk/shop instead.