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Find out more about Joel and Mary’s shops:


Roly's Newquay


Find out more about Roly’s Fudge Newquay, Joel and Mary’s first store opening.

Roly's Fowey


Roly’s Fudge Fowey is the second store opened by Joel and Mary. Find out more about it by pressing the image.

Roly's Padstow


Learn more about Joel and Mary’s third store, Roly’s Fudge Padstow, which opened in 2015.


Joel & Mary


Roly’s Fudge Tintagel opened its doors in 2019, marking the fourth store for Joel and Mary.



Meet: Joel and Mary

Owners of Roly’s Fudge Newquay, Padstow, Tintagel and Fowey


Where do you own your stores?

Newquay, Fowey, Padstow and Tintagel.


When did you open your Roly’s Fudge pantries?

We opened Newquay in July 2014, Fowey in June 2015, Padstow in October 2015, and Tintagel in May 2019.


What did you do before moving to Roly’s?

Joel: I never thought I would own my own pantry. [Despite being son of the founder,] in my youth I was never interested in the business (except from eating the fudge…).

It was only in my mid 20s upon returning from living on the other side of the world that Mary and I made the decision to get into the fast-paced fudge industry.


What’s your favourite part of being a Roly’s Fudge franchisee?

Favourite part of being a franchisee is the happiness of our customers, and sharing memories with them. Everyone is happy in our fudge shops!

“I never thought I would own my own pantry.”


What’s your favourite flavour?

My favourite fudge flavour is Salted Maple and Pecan, although that changes to Christmas Pudding at that time of year.

Mary’s favourite fudge is Black Forest Gateau which is only made as a limited edition.


Do you have any stand-out moments or events you particularly remember?

Our manager Lisa held a 24hr fudge marathon, where she made fudge through the night alongside her sister, to raise money for The British Heart foundation.

We have served a number of celebrity customers, employed Dawn French’s daughter, and met royalty at shows we have attended.

Everyone is happy in our fudge shops!”


Is there anything customers should look out for in your shop?

All our pantries come up with a brand new flavour every week, some come and go, and some stay.

A flavour that has stood the test of time in Padstow is ‘Dark and Stormy’, a fudge based on the popular cocktail, made using Rum and Ginger.

In our newest pantry, Roly’s Fudge Tintagel, we will be collaborating on new flavours with local businesses in the town.

We also sell a range of great Callestick Farm ice cream to go alongside our fudge.


“All our pantries come up with a brand new flavour every week, some come and go, and some stay.”