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This LF Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge is INSANE!”


“Their vegan maple and pecan fudge is absolutely incredible. How they make fudge without any dairy in taste like normal fudge is beyond me. It tastes so buttery and delicious, we’re going back to buy the chocolate orange flavour too.”

I’m not saying I came all the way to this town for Roly’s vegan fudge… but I definitely did”

Pre-vegan, I would buy Roly’s fudge weekly. Was so excited to find this today!”

Yes! Been waiting for Roly’s Fudge to bring out some vegan fudge!”

Holy Roly’s this is good!!”

I wandered into Roly’s Fudge. I was approximately 99% sure there wouldn’t be anything suitable for me and then I saw it, VEGAN FUDGE!”

This lactose-free fudge was proper fudge, like the stuff I used to eat as a child! Fudge was a childhood favourite of mine and I hadn’t had any since going vegan and it was delicious. The texture was spot on and it was lovely and very moreish just like the dairy kind I used to eat.”

🌱 HEAVENLY VEGAN FUDGE 🌱honestly this fudge is INCREDIBLE. It tastes exactly how I remember dairy fudge (maybe even better?!) and both flavours are fantastic. We’re definitely going to get some more before heading back to London 😍

What I love the most is that it’s the same price as their other fudge! So annoying when you go to the supermarket and the lactose free/gluten free items are 3 times the price!”

Thank you @rolysfudge for making vegan fudge! It was the best, most unexpected surprise to stroll into a fudge shop and see this, and what a flavour! The future is most certainly plant based/vegan”

Today we took a trip to one of my most favourite places. And I am so excited to have found vegan fudge!!!!! Me and the Mr seriously considered moving there.”

Perfect, crumbly, lactose-free salted maple & pecan fudge from Roly’s. Absolutely gorgeous! Vegans rejoice!”

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Is there anything more exciting than unexpectedly finding vegan fudge because I’m not sure if there is? 🤔 During my little day trip to Chester we wandered into @rolysfudgechester. I was approximately 99% sure there wouldn’t be anything suitable for me and then I saw it, VEGAN FUDGE! Well of course I had to buy it immediately, especially considering it was Maple and Pecan flavour I mean come on 😍 They make the fudge using soya milk and it is so yummy! It has a crumbly texture as opposed to the chewy, soft consistency you get with some fudge but it is seriously good. Kudos to @rolysfudge for creating an excellent vegan option and for displaying it so well within their stores. Roly’s Fudge have shops throughout the UK and an online store so you can easily get your hands on this yummy vegan treat and I would definitely recommend it.

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When I tasted this maple and cashew fudge… I… was transported to a very very very happy place. It is just so unbelievably GOOD! I’m trying to savour every bite, but it will not last long”

This vegan fudge is TO DIE FOR!”

Told it took them 5 years to perfect the recipe… but oh so worth it!”

“My husband and I were visiting a shop and saw the Lactose-free Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge. I bought a box and it was amazing; I went back another day and bought another 3 boxes wiping out their stocks. I am 54 years old and have been a vegan for 30 years, I used to love Scottish tablet when I was a vegetarian and this has the lovely crumbly texture of this. I can see by your map there is nowhere near us to distribute this, there are many vegans in Suffolk area as you know it is growing. Talking of what is growing, my waistline… I will be ordering another 4 boxes from your website today, I cannot get enough of it. Keep up the good work. Thank you – from Angie your new regular customer (and distributor if you want haha!)

“I’ve just had some of this and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!” says Rachel Hill, known as @planted_powered_rachel on Instagram. “It is crumbly, a bit like tablet and the taste is out of this world”

??? VEGAN FUDGE???If you are in Plymouth then you need to check out Roly’s Fudge Pantry in the Barbican! @rolysfudgeplymouth It has two flavours of vegan fudge ? Registered with the Vegan Society – we bought this one today and I cannot wait to try it. ***Update – I’ve just had some of this and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is crumbly, a bit like tablet and the taste is out of this world, if I could buy this online and have it delivered I would*** #saltedmapleandpecanfudge #veganfudge #rolysfudge #fudge #dairyfreefudge #handmadefudge #vegantreat #plymouthvegans #vegan #plantbased #poweredbyplants #plantpowered #thrivingonplants #forksoverknives #eatlikeavegan #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #veganism #veganlife #vegancommunity #govegan #vegantips #veganfoodlovers #veganpower #vegetarian #veganuary

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