Shelley and Matt


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After the success of Salcombe, Matt left his supermarket job to open their second pantry in Polperro. >>



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Meet: Shelley and Matt

Owner of Roly’s Fudge Dartmouth, Plymouth, Polperro, Salcombe and Looe.


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Where do you own your stores?

We own 5 stores across the South West, in Looe, Salcombe, Plymouth, Polperro and in Dartmouth.


When did you open your Roly’s Fudge pantries?

Salcombe was our first shop that we opened in January 2014 followed by Polperro in 2015.

Dartmouth & Plymouth opened in the same week in 2016 and Looe opened in 2017.


What did you do before moving to Roly’s?

Shelley was working part-time in Roly’s Fudge Totnes and I was a Supermarket Store Manager.


What is your earliest memory of fudge/Roly’s Fudge specifically?

When we always came down to Devon on holiday about 15 years ago and watching Roly’s Fudge being made in Totnes.  Shelley always bought loads to take back home!

“Every single customer that tries the new gin fudge cannot get over the amazing gin taste.”


What made you want to own your own pantry?

After Shelley had spent a couple of years in Totnes shop, she wanted a Pantry of her own. 

We loved Salcombe and thought this would be a great location for a shop.

It was and so much so that I gave up my job at Sainsbury’s to open our second pantry in Polperro. 

We both absolutely love the whole ‘see it made’ experience that we can give customers and we enjoy trying to develop flavours and different fudges for customers


What’s your favourite part of being a Roly’s Fudge franchisee?

Being part of the fudge family.  It can be tough at times, but the whole business is so rewarding, whether that’s seeing customers reactions to our fudge-making or in developing our teams to be able to make great fudge or manage a shop.


What’s your favourite flavour?

Shelley is Vanilla Clotted Cream and mine is Salted Maple and Pecan.  Closely followed by Peaches and Cream.

“We enjoy trying to develop flavours and different fudges for customers.”

Is there anything customers should look out for in your shop?

Our Salcombe Gin fudge! Since adding an extra natural gin burst of juniper, sales have overtaken Vanilla Clotted Cream. 

Every single customer that tries the new gin fudge cannot get over the amazing gin taste.

In Plymouth and Dartmouth we have fudge promoters who have Roly’s branded usherette trays giving out samples on the streets next to the shop.