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Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

The history of Roly’s Fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair


“I found out about Roly’s going to the great Dorset steam fair every year with my grandparents as a child on a hay bale with hot cider and a paper bag of Roly’s Fudge” – Daisy, 2011

Roly’s Fudge have been at the Great Dorset Steam Fair since 1992, making it 25 years of being at the steam fair. The event has been primarily run by John and Helen over the years, who many regulars will recognise as the friendly face of the Roly’s Fudge trailer at all the Steam Fair events. In an article back in 2011 for Roly’s Fudge, John said being at the Great Dorset Steam Fair since 1992 “makes Roly’s one of the longest-serving Craft exhibits at this enormous event! There are now only about 3 others who have been going there longer than us.” Read on for a snapshot history of our time spent at the Great Dorset Steam Fair…

“I’ve heard about Roly’s Fudge from seeing and tasting Roly’s Fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year and in years past” – Tracy

“I heard about Roly’s Fudge from the Great Dorset Steam Fair – been enjoying it for years!” – Nicola


Roly’s Fudge exhibits for the very first time at the Great Dorset Steam Fair by John and Helen, making it one of the longest standing Craft exhibits at the fair. Our crumbly fudge is made handmade in full view of attendees, a new concept at the time and one that attracts a lot of attention and begins our strong customer following at fairs in the South West! The trusty trailer lasts for many years as our iconic fudge making stand, making fudge as quickly as possible to keep up with demand!  

“I’ve heard about Roly’s Fudge from years of addiction and adoration at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, since I was a small child” – Emma

“Years and years ago I remember purchasing your fudge at the great dorset steam fair. My father is a great lover of fudge, but every other fudge company does not seem to please him, hopefully yours will remind him of our trips to the steam fair!” – Darren


As John and Helen were unable to go this year, the managing team at Roly’s Fudge took over for this year. We were thoroughly battered by the winds and the rains, and we’ve never seen mud quite like it! Although some equipment broke this year so we were ‘guessing’ at how to make fudge by the end of it – miraclously all the fudges ended up as perfect as ever! – it was still a busy and fantastically fun year.   Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

” We found roly’s fudge due to attendance at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. We have been going to the stand for the last 10 years. Amazing fudge and creative flavours and will continue to find him for years to come 🙂 ” – Claire, 2011

 Word of mouth, my son in law loves your fudge!! he always goes to the Dorset Steam Fair so he can stock up!!!! – Karen



2011 was our 18th year, with a bit of a makeover to the trailer. The Craft Section was moved around a bit, moving Roly’s Fudge to a different area, but our Roly’s fans managed to track us down! These photos show Steve and Pete, who drive railway trains for a living, and who are some of our biggest Roly’s enthusiasts, reflective of the fudge fans who beat a path to the trailer every year. Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

“I go and see them at the Great Dorset Steam Fair every year and love watching them make the fudge – so much better than the other fudge in the craft tents!” – Sophie, 2011

“We learned about you from the Great Dorset Steam fair, we love watching you make it!”


Since 2014 our brand new Roly’s Fudge trailer, fully fitted out for making fudge on demand, has been taking the road around the country, and of course exhibiting at the Steam Fair. It’s a much bigger vehicle, but means we can all move around the trailer and staff it as fully as it needs at this point!

Roly's Fudge Trailer on the Road

Roly’s Fudge Trailer on the Road

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I first discovered Roly’s at the Dorset Steam Fair quite a few years ago now. How I missed you last year. Then I spotted you. You looked a bit different but, yes, it was definitely you. Aahh fudge heaven! Yours is the only shop bought fudge that tastes and feels exactly like my Mum used to make back in the 1950’s/60’s. I even take my own tupperware container with the instructions “fill this up please”! Is that sad or just sensible so the fudge doesn’t get squashed while walking round. And now you have a shop – not too far away from me – and quite a few in the west country for me to visit on holiday. What more can a woman ask for! Thank you. – Patricia, 2017

I found out about Roly’s Fudge from The Great Dorset Steam Fair and my mother in law’s obsession with the vanilla fudge!!