Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

Update on Roly’s Fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair

25th August 2016
Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

We’ve been receiving all your lovely phone calls and emails asking where Roly’s Fudge is at the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year. Roly’s Fudge have been at the Great Dorset Steam Fair since 1994 and are one of the longest serving Craft exhibits at the fair, with only two or three other exhibits who have been there longer than us! (Find out more about the History of Roly’s Fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair)

We have made fudge there since day 1 in full view of Steam Fair customers, which makes our fudge trailer completely unique.

Therefore it is with great sadness that we are not at the steam fair this year, for the first time in our history.

Unfortunately this year the organisers of the Great Dorset Steam Fair did not have space for us.

Probably the best fudge at the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

The Roly’s Fudge trailer back in 2011 at one of the Steam Fairs. Find out more about our history here.


Roly’s Fudge have hugely enjoyed being part of the Great Dorset Steam Fair for the past 22 consecutive years. As our company was established in 1987, 29 years ago, the steam fair has been part of our long history as a company. We have grown so much as a company, from our few shops back in the early 90s and our first franchised shop in 1996 to the present day where we now have 32 shops.

Therefore we hear you loud and clear in your phone calls and emails that you have missed our presence and your normal ‘fudge fix’ this year, and will be doing all we can to get our applications in extra early for the steam fair in 2017! We hope we will be back serving fudge in the Craft section next summer.

Thank you to all our Roly’s regulars who have been in contact with us – we know from our feedback on our online shop that many of you found Roly’s through the stream fair, and it is heartwarming to know how much our presence at the fair means to you. But of course biggest thanks to the Great Dorset Steam Fair who have been hosting us for many years at one of the best annual events in the South West.

For more information on Roly’s Fudge at the Steam Fair, and a few of our pictures over the years, click here – to be updated as we find more in the archives!

Where can I find Roly’s Fudge in the meantime?

Understanding your disappointment, we have released an exclusive discount on our online shop for 10% off all our fudge. Just use the coupon gdsf in the Coupon Box when prompted in your Basket at Checkout to deduct 10% off your total. This discount will last until the 4th September 2016.

Where’s my nearest Roly’s Fudge shop to the Great Dorset Steam Fair? For all you regulars in the Dorset area looking to visit Roly’s Fudge, you can find one of our newly opened shops in Weymouth, at 20 St Alban St, Weymouth DT4 8BZ – click here to calculate directions on Google Maps.

Of course if you haven’t looked at our Stores page recently, it’s worthwhile looking at our recently opened shops to find if a Roly’s Fudge Pantry has opened near you in the past year. Since January of this year alone we’ve had eight new shops open across the country!

Where is the Roly’s Fudge trailer? The Roly’s Fudge trailer used for the Great Dorset Steam Fair will be at Moreton in Marsh Cotswold Market every Tuesday until further notice and Stratford upon Avon Food Festival at the end of September.