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Roly’s Fudge Website Gift Voucher


Looking for a sweet treat gift, but don’t know what flavour will take their fancy? Let them choose their own fudge with our brand new Roly’s Fudge Vouchers!

Our vouchers are available in £5 and £10 increments. Add a message card to your voucher, and enter the shipping address of the recipient at checkout.

This voucher applies for www.rolysfudge.co.uk/shop only; visit your local Roly’s Fudge Pantry or contact them direct if you would like a voucher for an individual store.

We ship for free to UK addresses! If you are outside of the UK and/or you would like a digital voucher instead, please order from our voucher digital download page instead.

Order applies for 1 customer only; if you would like gift vouchers sent to more than one delivery address, please place a separate order for another customer or ring us on 01392 201059.



All our fudge may contain peanuts and other nuts.

For nutritional information, please refer to our Nutritional Information page.


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