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All our fudge sauce has a best before date of January 2018 so rest assured your fudge sauce will stay fresh for after Christmas!

The Roly’s Fudge recipe has now been adapted to make Roly’s Fudge Sauce. Deliciously rich and indulgent, it can be used hot or cold, squeezed on ice cream, poured on pancakes, drizzled over fruit, or as a yummy ingredient in baking. This sauce is currently available in Salted Caramel. Order enough to share with our Fudge Sauce Double Pack and keep an eye out for more fudge sauce flavours to be launched soon. For ideas on how to use our sauce go to www.rolysfudge.co.uk/sauce!


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Salted Caramel



Roly’s Salted Caramel Fudge Sauce Ingredients: sugar, evaporated milk, glucose syrup, whole milk, dextrose, butter, 1% sea salt


Heating Instructions: DO NOT MICROWAVE IN POUCH. Microwave from ambient or chilled. Squeeze required amount of sauce into a microwaveable container and heat on high for 20 seconds (800w), 15 seconds (900w) or 10 seconds (1000w). Stir sauce after heating. Do not reheat


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